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Hobart Handler 135 / 140 / 175 / 180 Spoolgun switch kit

On the Hobart Handlers 135 – 140-175 -180 models it is possible to hook up a Hobart Spoolrunner 100 spoolgun to your machine.

Basically you are removing the mig gun trigger wire and replacing it with a 4 pin connector ( like a miller ) . UNPLUG YOUR MACHINE BEFORE  INSTALLING THE KIT.

You are removing the 2 pin black spade connector inside the door ( where the trigger mig gun trigger wires go) and installing the new switch .  You have to drill and install a new 4 pin receptacle  either in the front of the machine ( some newer models have the cut out there but its covered by the nameplate ) . The two wires( trigger) that were connected to the black spade connector inside the door now go to pins 1 & 2 in the 4 pin receptacle . The red and black wires on the new switch go in pins 3 & 4 in the 4 pin receptacle . If the spoolgun runs backwards , reverse the red and black wires on the switch end , not the 4 pin receptacle .  Unplug the drive motor from the pc board and then take the switch two white pluge and plug them into the pc board ( where the drive motor plug came from) and the other plug on the switch goes into the drive motor plug . Remove the trigger wire spade connector from the mig gun and install the new 4 pin cord on the mig gun .   Make sure that there are no wires in the way of the fan blade inside the machine.



Items need to hook up Hobart Spoolrunner 100 to Hobart Handler 135 & 175 ( only)

Will not work on Handler 187 OR OTHER MODELS

(You can hook up the spoolgun  and a miller style 300409 switch kit . If your Serial# is LC175022 and above ( with the 2 pin square drive motor plugs)
the switch plugs into the harness . If it is a lower serial number , you have to do some wiring , but not hard to do)